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TG in Baked Goods

TG in Baked Goods It is no secret that,if used properly, the application of the transglutaminase enzyme (TG) in bakery products can promote great improvement in dough texture, volume, and gas retention, even when combined with other enzymes. Transglutaminases (EC, γ-glutamyl-peptide, amine-γ-glutamyl-transferase) belong to the group of acyltransferases, which catalyze acyl-transfer reactions between a …

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Tg in Surimi

TG in SURIMI Before fish protein gelation, adding a gel strength enhancer is an effective way to improve the gel strength. Ca2+ plays an important role in the gel strength of fish protein. In the process of fish protein gelation, calcium ions activate the transglutaminase (TGase) in fish meat, and then catalyze the γ-carboxamide group …

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TG in Meat

TG in Meat In the processing of meat products, myosin and actomyosin are important components in muscles, which play a key role in maintaining the water retention and adhesion of muscles. In the case of heat, between the myosin molecules and between the actomyosin molecules, a complex thermally-induced gel space network structure is formed, which …

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