Naturally Smoked Spices

C&P Group Ingredients offers a range of smoke intensity for all spices. AVAILABLE IN BEECH, APPLE, CHERRY OR MIXED WOOD

When you open the packages you will experience an amazing smokey aroma that will
benefit the taste of your products.

Whiskey Fermented Pepper

Smoked Amber Salt

Smoked Black Pepper

Smoked Cane Sugar

Smoked Curry

Smoked Dextrose

Smoked Garlic

Available in Powder and Granulate Form

Smoked Jalapeno

Smoked Nitrate Salt

Smoked Onion

Available in Powder and Granulate Form. 

Smoked Paprika

Available in Powder and Flake form. 

Smoked Salt

Smoked Sea Salt Granulate

Smoked Chili